Colin's K9 Training Services

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Experienced And Qualified Behaviour Practitioner

Experienced dog trainer

Does your dog have any of the following issues that you are not sure how to deal with? If so feel free to contact me for a consultation so we can Discuss and look at how best to find the right solution.I have only listed the most common issues below so if your dog presents a behaviour that is not listed below please contact me.

Separation anxiety                                     

Toy resource guarding


Food Resource Guarding

Dog / people / aggression 

Nervous / aggressive

Shy / unsure

Territorial marking / in the home 

Endless Barking

Highly excitable

Over bonding (this is where your dog always wants attention due to you having bonded far too much and is now a problem)

                       Also can in some cases lead to separation Anxiety.


                                                                     INTODogs CERTIFIED CANINE BEHAVIOURIST

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